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Project Overview

Ray's Lightmare

Help Ray fight his demons as he finds his way back home in this fun-filled puzzle and adventure game. In his journey, Ray will face his worst demons, and will have to defeat them to make himself a fearless child.





C# & Javascript


Concept, Character Design, Character Animations, Level Design, Script & Programming

The Protagonist : Ray

Ray is a faint-hearted school boy. He is accompanied by his fearless buddy, Gonzo the Rex. Gonzo helps Ray during his quests, as he posseses immense strength and raw power. Ray can play as Gonzo the Rex to solve different puzzles.

Both Ray & Gonzo the Rex will fight the fearful monsters who jeopardize Ray's innocent imagination.

Character Sketch

Ray has a backpack which will have various tools that aid him along the way. Gonzo is Ray's best buddy, and he comes to Ray's rescue once the Gonzo meter is full.


Ray's Run Cycle

The first animation to develop was Ray's Run Cycle. Many run cycles were sketched, as it was vital to reflect Ray's personality in the way he runs. The initial Run Cycle consisted of 6 keyframes. Later on, 5 in-between frames were added to make the animation smoother.

The sketches were traced in Adobe Photoshop with the Wacom tablet, and were rendered using Photoshop keeping in mind the lighting setup required for the game environment.


Ray's Character Animations

A total of 4 animations were developed for each required function in the game i.e. Idle, Run, Jump & Push.

Idle Animation
Run Cycle
Jump Animation
Push Animation

Level Design : Elements

Only the first level of the game was to be designed and made playable at this stage. Hence a basic level was planned, with a moving platform and a simple solvable puzzle.

The Puzzle

There is a locked door towards the far-right side of the Level. And in order to go past that door, Ray needs to find a key. The key is hidden in one of the boxes, which can be destroyed by placing them under the falling spikes.

Gameplay video

Have a look at the first level of Ray's Lightmare. The Animation sprites were scripted with C#, and a basic level involving simple puzzles were made for the first level of the game.

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