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Project Overview

Suntop Traditional Games

Reconnecting today’s generation to their parents and to the outdoors

Suntop Traditional games aims to reconnect the Saudi children back to their roots and bring about an active lifestyle lacking in today’s technologically advanced lives.

Today, children all around the world are much fond of staying indoors than their preceding generations. As part of Suntop’s 40 year anniversary campaign, where we took today’s parents to a nostalgic journey of how Suntop was a big part of their childhood adventures. In continuation with that, this Suntop Traditional Games campaign became the bridge in reconnecting today’s generation with their parents and to the outdoors.











Art Direction, Illustration, Product design, Videography


Laith Hafez    Creative Director
Waleed Mushtaq    Digital Art Director
Yasser Abuthuria    Art Director
Abrar Alghamdi    Copywriter
Muhannad Nazzal    Account Manager
Dyed in the Wool (Jordan)    Production House

Creative Director
Digital Art Director
Art Director
Account Manager
Production House


01. Challenge

Today’s children are more dependent on technology than they ever were. One of the challenges we faced was to how to portray these traditional games in a fun and educational way, so that the children are both encouraged and understand how these games were played back in the days.

Our primary target audience were today’s parents and middle-aged people. Therefore, the biggest challenge we faced was to target this campaign to the children through their parents. This would enable to bridge the gap between the generations, and would help parents in active and healthy upbringing of the children, while strengthening the bond.


02. Solution

Suntop Traditional Games campaign was launched on digital as well as on-ground mediums. 5 traditional games deeply rooted in Saudi Arabian culture were carefully chosen i.e. Freeze Tag, Hide n Seek, Marbles, Hopscotch and 7 Stones. All of these games can be played amongst a group of friends, in an outdoor playing area. These games would result in active social and physical development of the kids.

1. Microsite and Social Media
The whole theme is set in a classic Saudi neighborhood, full of cultural and traditional references. 2 protagonists, a Saudi boy and a girl can be seen enjoying as they play these traditional games in their neighborhood. The 5 most popular games were chosen and crafted in a carefully chosen look and feel and a distinctive illustration style.

The microsite and social media platforms kicked off the campaign, raising the interest amongst parents to carry forward these beloved games from their childhood to their children. Through the Microsite and Social media platforms, we encouraged the parents to share their childhood memories with Suntop, and to share with us their favorite traditional games that were part of their childhood. As a result, we received hundreds of beautiful memories from our loyal fans expressing how Suntop influenced their childhoods.

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2. How-to-Play Instructions

Moreover, dozens of step-by-step illustrations for each game were carefully crafted to make these games easy-to-grasp for children.

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3. Traditional Games Box
In order to reward the most loved memories of our loyal fans, we gifted them with Suntop Traditional Box. The purpose of this box was to enable the children to relive the authentic experience that was part of their parents’ childhood. This experience will allow them to be more connected to their families and surrounding communities and at the same time, allow them to be excellent ambassadors for Suntop.

The box was carefully designed and crafted to re-introduce the old games in a new light. Upon opening the box, a Thank You note greets the recipient for being a loyal fan of Suntop. The box contains the tools which are redesigned in a modern way while keeping children’s safety as a priority. The box also contains step-by-step instructions and retro-styled Tshirts illustrating Suntop’s coolness and old heritage.


03. Process


Through digital channels, parents were encouraged to share their childhood memories.


Thousands of beautifully written nostalgic stories were shared by our loyal fans.

3. acknowledgement

Suntop rewarded the favorite stories with 100's of Suntop Traditional Games boxes.

04. Results

We were successful in bringing generations together, and establishing a memorable experience for the new generation with the brand that will be cherished forever. The campaign achieved massive success in terms of engagement on social media, the microsite, and on-ground presence. Many beautiful stories were shared, hundreds of boxes were sent to meet the unexpected popular demand of the customers. Most importantly, this campaign allowed parents to reconnect with their children, and their children to reconnect with the outdoors.

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